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Convergence and Beyond

C-DIT offers a variety of services covering a wide range of information applications and deploying all conceivable media formats.

Leader in Public Domain

C-DIT has been implementing projects to ameliorate the hardships of common people.

Technology for Service

The motto of C-DIT as an organization under the Government can be put in brief – Technology for service.

C-DIT Plan Scheme

C-DIT proposes to enhance its capacities and reorient its activities during the 13th plan period

Project scenarios

The vivid nature of projects taken up by C-DIT ranges from websites, software applications and video productions to holograms.

Innovative Projects

More projects are conceived and realized with special focus on enhancing the social and environmental conditions


e-Palliative is a collaborative project of Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassery and R&D Division of C-DIT, Thiruvananthapuram.

Green Energy

As a part of social commitment to promote environment friendly energy solutions and to face the upcoming energy crisis.

Medit Courses

MEDIT, is an academic initiative of Research and Development Division of Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT).


P. Govinda Pillai strode into the world of knowledge like a titan till he died on November 22, 2012. He was best known among both intellectuals and common people, politician and social activists, in fact people of all walks of life by the acronym PG. His greatest contribution to Kerala society was that he brought knowledge from the confines of academia, erudition from the cloisters of universities to public domain. From there, he took it to the field of political activism, social and cultural intervention. Knowledge was for him a tool for social intervention and change. The knowledge he scaled was like a mountain range. He read and assimilated ideas from books on varied subjects, for example, from philosophical treatises to exposition of scientific theories, from anthropology to Marxian aesthetics, and so on. His interest ranged from the works of British Marxist historian Eric John Ernest Hosbawn to John Le Carre, celebrated author of espionage novels. He wrote extensively on global politics, culture and philosophy and spoke at numerous seminars meetings and study classes. All through his life PG was looked upon as a communist ideologue and Marxist theoretician. True, he belonged to that genre of intellectuals but it cannot be gainsaid that he transcended the makings of an ideologue. He was a great humanist. That was why he could temper the harsh sternness of communist ideology with the sure touch of humanism. However, the elan emanating from the vast fund of his knowledge in social sciences muted adverse criticism although there were some stray voices against him. the From the early years of his career as a social activist he opposed feudalistic and retrogressive mind- set in art and culture.

The Leaders

members as per section XXXV of Article 5 of Memorandum of Association and Rule and Regulations of the C-DIT Society.
Shri Pinarayi Vijayan

Shri Pinarayi Vijayan

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Kerala
Chairman, C-DIT

Shri M. Sivasankar IAS

Shri M. Sivasankar IAS

Director, C-DIT

Dr. P.V. Unnikrishnan

Dr. P.V. Unnikrishnan

Joint Director

Shri G.Jayaraj

Shri G.Jayaraj

Registrar, C-DIT

250 Plus Websites
1000 Plus Software Products
25 Lakhs/Day Hologram
5000 Plus Video Products
Centre for Development of Imaging Technology

Corporate Video


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