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Green Energy & Technology

Government of India launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) in January 2010 to promote solar PV technology in our country. Objective of this program is to tap solar energy as an alternative to traditional power / energy resources. Target fixed by the government of India is to achieve 22,000 MW power generation capacities from solar energy by 2022. For this kind of a large scale project, policy decision has been taken based on the realization that the same should rely on cleaner and greener technologies, better energy security, and sustainable development. Kerala is one of the states in India that is blessed with renewable energy sources. Still the state has been depending mainly on conventional energy sources such as coal, diesel, gas and hydro energy. Studies have shown that only four percent of the total installed plant capacity is based on renewable energy sources in Kerala. Solar energy utilization is not remarkable; while considering the immense scope for solar energy in Kerala. As the state is witnessing major power crisis for the last few years, ‘SOLAR ENERGY’ is emerging as a new paradigm in Kerala. The annual energy consumption in Kerala is more than the energy generated and increasing power mismatch was observed in the recent years. Of late, we realized that power harvesting from renewable energy sources could be the solution for this problem. In addition, the state also have very good solar potential and favoring energy policies for various solar energy harvesting methods such as roof top solar photovoltaic plants, grid connected plants in wasteland, decentralized wind-solar hybrid plants, off grid solar plants etc....

As a part of social commitment to promote environment friendly energy solutions and to face the upcoming energy crisis, Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (CDIT), the leading Total Solution Provider (TSP) for the state has taken up initiatives in Green energy and Technology, particularly Solar Photovoltaic.

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